Monday, January 23, 2006

On to the Superbowl!

Of course I watched the Steeler-Broncos game.

If I had it on tape, I'd watch it over and over again, as a matter of fact, because I have never seen the Steelers play so well since the glory days of Terry Bradshaw and the Steel Curtain. Hmm. Maybe not even then.

With minutes left in the game, I wasn't completely sure of a win until poor Plummer, the Broncos' quarterback was sacked. I didn't see who made the actual sack, but I will never forget the image of the Steeler trying to get to him, being shoved back by a Denver player, only to reach out and grab Plummer's shirt -- and not let go, even while being manhandled. Plummer was kept off balance, and then another Steeler plowed in, and that was it.

The Steelers were so calm I expected to see "Joe Cool" sunglasses on every one of them. They never looked hurried or worried, though the Broncos never gave Parker a chance to scoot through their line and run like a bat out of hell. (That's always fun to watch.)

Some games you remember just one player doing the unbelievable and making a win happen. I didn't see that on Sunday. The Steelers looked like an efficient machine, with each part doing exactly what it was supposed to do, which of course made all the other parts work even better than they might have.

Simply, simply wonderful.

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