Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baby Steps

I spent my late afternoon and evening studying Photoshop.

My father used to say that if you can read a book, you can learn anything. I'm hoping it's true, because Photoshop drives me nuts. My Christmas present was a trio of books about Photoshop -- thick books. I'd watched Alex whip around in Photoshop, manipulating scraps of color and effects so fast I couldn't follow what the hell she was doing. I'm sure she could teach me what she knows, but she doesn't have the time, and I'm not sure that she would have the patience to put up with my swearing and frothing at the mouth.

The text I'm using is Adobe's Photoshop Classroom in a Book. Much as I hate to do so, I'm sticking to the order of their lessons, instead of just jumping around looking at stuff piecemeal from the index. Where they say take baby steps and do three simple exercises, I'm doing them. Grr.

It was good to immerse myself. I don't want to think about tomorrow; we have to take Babe to the vet. My poor boy.

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