Monday, January 23, 2006

In Two Weeks, There Will Be Flowers

I don't often do two posts in one day, but this thought has nothing to do with football.

The season changed last week, and in spite of the calendar, it is Spring here. The feel of the air has changed. It's softer, and the fog has diminished. We'll still have cold days, and foggy days (but not many) -- however, the season for burgeoning and blooming is upon us. Bernie and I watched a male hummingbird do positively insane swoops and screeches in a mating dance (never did see the lady he was trying to impress) this morning, and while we watched the little fellow zoom high in the sky, saw ducks flying North.

Bermuda grass has started to grow again, and weeds are coming up everywhere. Time goes by so quickly, but never quickly enough when it's cold and rainy and the firewood grows fungus because of the damp. I'm ready for Spring. Bring it on.

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