Thursday, January 12, 2006

Evil Wizards

Fellmount of Verdansward is done.

Why is this of any significance? Simply because it is the first of my completely CGI images that has any sophistication. I've done broad abstracts in my Paint program, but this is the first time I tried to add any detail or depth. The preliminary sketch for this was done in Paint, then the colors added and the lines tidied up in Photoshop.

Holey Schmoley did I learn a lot doing this.

The illustration was done for my soon-to-be-released second volume of Aser stories, Oz Can Keep Them All, in which the evil wizard Fellmount of Verdansward involves himself in a murder coverup. Ase Ur-Jennan and Dan Ur-Jennan, (both fairly crazy shamans from the lands of Ur) discover his scam, flee from his death threats, and do their best to put an end to his megalomaniacal schemes. Aser and Danner drag their makeshift company with them, including Margot the Troll, Cloudraft the Great (a nice but rather clueless wizard who is no match for Fellmount) and some talking baboons. And a talking dog who is fond of detective stories.

The Aser stories are the best things I've written, and one of the nice things about them is that they don't require hours of reading commitment. You can read one, or read them all in a sitting, doesn't matter.

Anyway, Fellmount is a regular rat-bastard, ready to kill anyone who gets in the way of his current power grab. And he thinks he's the greatest. I hope the illustration conveys just a bit of how much he irritates me.


Cheryl said...

Maniacal, yes, but also a little bit hott. Before I read the entry, I looked at the picture and tried to decide if it was pastel, acrylic, or watercolor. Well Done!

Alexandra said...

Hm, Cheryl has a thing for evil wizards, eh? I'm seein fifty things I'm going to have to ask, "How joo do that, Sand?" about later.

I've been hanging out on the webcomics board and browsing 3-4 new webcomics a week. Nobody I know can do line art with a mouse like that. That's phenomenal.

Aser said...

Why thank you, ladies.

As I recall, Lady Seaguard thought Fellmount was rather hott as well.

Today I start on Cloudraft, which should be interesting because he's a bit more colorful.