Thursday, March 24, 2005

She left it dead, and with its head ...

This is such a run on sentence that I decided to make it into "poetry."

Indeed, though the dread dotted line of disfiguring detritus
reappeared on the screen to my astonishment
with much teeth-gritting and sweating
I Selected All
and then deleted borders throughout and lo
the chinchy SOB finally disappeared but not
before I chased it through three chapters
selecting the paragraphs it appeared in
and hitting "None" for border selection
seeing it disappear and then reappear in
a different paragraph on the next page.
When it left, I didn't miss it
but only marveled at the effort one makes
to learn a technology beset by demons.

That was a good excuse to go have ribs for lunch, accompanied by Cavit pinot grigio.

I have 10 more chapters to edit in Volume One of the Aser stories, and then I can start on the illustrations (oh, good, more learning experiences) and the covers. I'm pretty much set on Hoke the Horrible for the back cover, and I've been toying with the idea of doing a nice portrait of Leonard Griffin for the front.

But that may take a back seat to the final edit and revision of Time Traveler. I'm feeling a need to get that one "out there" in Lulu-land. It's really done, all it needs is one scene and some paper to be printed on.

There's just so much to be done. Tomorrow I want to actually upload a juicy exerpt from Dreamer so that people can see that it's more than just a pretty cover; that ought to blast the morning peace to shreds. The preliminary sketches for Fever Dreams are sitting on the light table in the studio, my notebooks for various projects are stacked everywhere, and the weather may finally turn nice so that I can open my studio window and get moving on the oil paintings that have been abandoned since last October.

In the mean time, I'm hangin' that damn border's head on my wall, oooh, yeah.

She left it dead, and with its head
she came gallumphing back!

*High fives Lewis Carroll*

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Cheryl said...

Think what fun e. e. cummings would have had with Word. Oh, and "MF Word" a few posts back got big laughs around here. T suggests trying WordPad instead, since it doesn't have all the fancy attempts at AI.