Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Blog 13: 02/07/05 -- Before Lent

Mardi Gras tomorrow... The big blowout before the lean times of Lent. Lent comes from a word that means "Spring", so I shouldn't be outraged that Lent comes so early this year.

Lent isn't really a deprivation to me, giving something up or cutting back on whatever; rather than give something up for Lent, I have found it more productive to add something on. For Lent this year I will try to set aside time to read the daily Gospel readings, and try to spend a few minutes thinking about them.

This Lenten season I want to think about God and human; God created the human, with its material form and immortal spirit, a fusion of material universe and Realm-of-God existence.

Someone said, "Psst! You've got an immortal soul. You're like God, too. Go to it!"

Alas, poor first humans! Like God, they were able to know and love and look at themselves with pride, but unlike God, they only knew about life through their own eyes, their eyes of flesh. They did what they could perceive to make themselves great.

But however ill their choice was, fact is, the Creator thought there was something wonderful about the fusion. That's what I want to think about this Lent.

Some saints have done miraculous things. I wonder if they are people who have come to understand what the original intention of the Creator really was. "What is Man that Thou art mindful of him?" asks the scripture reading. What, indeed?

Why would a Creator endow a beast of material construct with an immortal soul, and the very breath of Godhead?

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