Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Blog 2: 12/19/04 -- Tule Fog Burnout Already?

Let me blog about Tule fog. The first white day that the fog socks us in, I feel a resurgence of holiday spirit, for the Tule fog is our "white Christmas" weather. However, after only about three days of it, I'm light deprived and ready for a break.

I sleep beside or under an open window when we sleep indoors, but although I prefer a temperature in the forties at night, the humidity (100%) seeps into my joints and I feel cold all day long if the temps don't rise above 45. Like today. All gray, all cold, all wet.

We've had Tule fog for a week. The daytime temperatures keep dropping, because we don't see the sun. Everyone becomes more torpid, longing for naps and pizza. Drivers become increasingly stupid. Outdoor work gets put off as we vainly wait for the light to appear and make it really seem like morning. Lack of light in the winter is what keeps me from making steps toward moving to Norway.

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