Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Blog 6: 01/04/05 -- Crabby Old Writer

Being an older human being bites, sometimes. Today was the first day I seriously started worrying about hypertension and strokes. I encountered some stress this morning, and felt my blood pressure soar and immediately felt the pain of a stress headache. Not good.

Bernie thinks it's a reaction to trying to figure out how to format my novels for Lulu Press -- along with the all-too-significant pressure from various sources to only deal with "real" publishers. I want my book to look good in Lulu; I loathe the idea of "marketing" my writing skills. A day dawns when I feel free to sit content with my books offered at Lulu, unadulterated, and then I read comments on various forums that say that POD publishing isn't real, and is only for weiners, only for losers, etc.

Damn those comments to stinkin' hell -- I can't remember when I ever wrote anything that was meant to appeal to a freakin' commercial publisher.

What, I want to snuggle book by book with Maeve Binchy?

I would rather delete everything I've ever written.

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