Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Seasons, Artificial and Natural

Why should the seasons be counted alike everywhere on earth?

From Solstice to Equinox to Solstice to Equinox to Solstice again makes four increments of time, and time is of use in most places on the world. But to suggest that the seasons are the same in number or variety in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere is just silly.

In California they aren't even the same. I saw a picture of Yosemite the other day and there's snow there. Eeewww. Looked like "Winter," even though the calendar now says it's "Spring."

I think the idea for four seasons must have come from the old monoliths of stone in circles ... and the monoliths of merchandizing picked up the idea and ran with it. Thus, in the department stores and the big box stores and the cheapo teenybop stuff stores, the year begins with the season of bathing suits and patio furniture, which runs from January to April, then the season of vacation clothing and tents ( May to July Fourth). Hot on the heels of firecrackers comes Back to School Season, with its school supplies and new fall fashions. In August the wool sweaters and skirts and leather jackets and heavy blankets and winter shoes make their Winter Clothing Season, and on Labor Day we have the advent of the Halloween Season until October 3oth, at which point Christmas occurs. The very short season of Clearance Sales lasts from Christmas Day Until January 1, when the Bathing Suits Season returns.

All that was a digression. I was originally thinking about the "seasons" here in the Valley. There's the Rain Season, that lasts from November to April, then the Wind Season until May. Hot Season comes next, and lasts all the way to October, when the Season of Falling Leaves lasts for about a month. Okay, that still sounds like four seasons, but another one overlies the Rain Season, and that is the Fog Season, which occurs in December and January. Hah! Five Seasons.

Today I'm hoping that the Rain Season is over, and that the Wind Season will be mild.

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