Monday, March 07, 2005

Editing One's Guts

I've been editing myself today.

It's a strange feeling, being both the author of a story and being the main character. Regular RPG-ers probably come to grips with the multiple personality issue more easily; however, the last Role Playing Games I did were in junior high, and the last good ones were in grade school. Now wait, the Aser Stories are good (or so I've been told) but I didn't have issues with being both author and MC until I had to do a hard edit, to get the stories ready for publication in hardcopy. I somehow feel like I'm looking over my own shoulder, doing this editing exercise. Sand is editing Aser telling the story that Sand came up with on account of this character Aser that inhabits Sand's brain. Well, of course all characters an author comes up with inhabit one's brain, but Main Characters are a bit different. More controlling, perhaps.

As Aser, I resent being edited -- a mispelling is fine to correct, but dialog? I'm Aser, I was there, I know how it was said.

As Sand, I really get the sweats over whether the manuscript is perfect. Did I capture Aser in the words?

In my fourth novel, Character Assassin, I got the chance to talk to Aser face to face. I'm not so sure that I don't need to be talking to her some more, especially since this blog bears her name. I'd let her do the entries herself, but she's not a writer.

My granddaughter has arrived and wants me to play a slideshow of my stored photographs. Who could resist?

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Cheryl said...

Wise choice. Some days, sifting through photos is the best thing to do. Hi, Lil!