Sunday, March 06, 2005

Everything that has to be is done

There was no deadline to be met today, no appointments, no commitment to start my morning with a rush of adrenaline. The air was cool but spring-some, the house quiet. I knew our granddaughter was awake because Howie shook his head, making his ears flap. He always does that when Lillian starts moving around, whether she's left her room or not.

The handle of the bedroom door began to turn, and I knew that Lillian had decided to make sure that Gran and Dziadzy were going to get up at 6:30, too. I slid quietly over the bed and locked the door, thinking that perhaps I'd sleep in until 8 am or so. However, Lillian continued to try the door, rattling the handle.

There was an authoritative knock on the door. The child's mother, coming to make sure that Bernie's alarm had gone off properly? The voice that followed was still Lillian's: "Mommy up. Deddez up. Gwai (that would be how she pronounces Gran) up. Dzudzis up."

I have a hard time going back to sleep in the morning after I laugh.

Maybe today I'll sit in the sun. It's quite possible that I'll do that most of the day. Maybe I'll do some editing. Maybe I'll draw a cartoon or two.

There's no rush to decide. Sometimes it's nice not to have any deadlines at all.

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