Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Blog 12: 02/05/005 -- Spring, and Sing

The almond trees are starting to bloom. Spring has begun, regardless of equinoxes. A neighbor up the street prudently planted bulbs late last fall, and now has a grove of daffodils blooming away. Mine, planted -- uuuhhh, after Christmas -- are just showing their tips.

It was a fine day today. Bernie and I cleaned our cars together in the driveway, and then went to Saturday evening Mass -- our usual 10am Mass is getting too crowded for comfort. 5pm Saturday is still packed, but not as horrifically as the usual. At Saturday Mass, few people sing, so Bernie and I formed a quaint duo in the midst of the silent throng.

Church is the only place (besides football games) that people just sing aloud with each other. I find it hard to pass up such a venue -- after all, who is going to turn around in church and shout, "Get it right, dummy! We don't say 'thee' any more, we say 'you'!"

(And if they did, to which I would probably blurt, "Go stick thine head in a toilet and flush thee.") Oh, dear, more time in Purgatory for me.

It was a good day.

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