Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Blog 11: 01/24/05 -- Fog Ad Infinitum

Every day has looked the same from dawn to sundown -- at least I assume there's a sun out there somewhere -- for so long that I can't remember when we last saw it. Tule fog! How beautiful at Christmas time, how screamingly ANNOYING it is when there's only a couple weeks until spring! Every project seems hopeless. No blanket can take away the ache of joints that feel as though the cold is seeping and settling in. Nothing dries, because with the chill and fog, the humidity is 100%. Mildew is everywhere.

You go to the supermarket, and pretend not to see the black freckles of mildew on the checkout clerk; you refuse to comment on the colony of mushrooms growing out of the part on the hair of the customer before you.

The daylight is so dim that my least favorite checker at the local grocery store, Claire, lets her fangs grow, and I'm careful not to voice my dissatisfaction at her job performance. (Lydia and Jerry have taught me much.) At least this time, she didn't bite through the wrapping of the pork butt roast and suck on it. Maybe she got worms the last time.

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