Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Murk-ury Rises

Spring is here. The temperatures are rising into the high fifties or low sixties by late afternoon; the skunks and possums and raccoons are committing suicide in droves on the roads; and the red-tailed hawks are doing mating dances in the sky.

Yesterday it was sunny all day, simply gorgeous. Bernie and I took our cars to a little wood lot up the road and loaded them with 1/4 cord of firewood, which will last us until next fall at least. In spite of the lovely day, I was eeping around like a poisoned cockroach, so sore from my exciting horseback ride, and feeling like I was 90 years old. I caved in towards evening and swallowed a naproxen sodium pain-reliever, and a dose of valerian before I went to bed.

When I awoke this morning (not intending to be awake, I just opened my eyes) I saw the thickest fog yet this winter season. I was so astounded by it that I couldn't go back to sleep. I rolled out of bed, noting gratefully that all the soreness and weariness were gone, grabbed my camera, and went out the back door to take this photo.

My mother used to quote me the weather adage: "As the day lengthens, the winter strengthens." Meaning that just because the days were getting longer again didn't mean the weather was going to be nicer just yet. That's one to remember, because it's always true. This year I could say, as The Weather Channel predicts higher temps for us in the afternoons, "As the mercury rises, the murk also rises."

I hope the murk gets over itself soon.

P.S. Hooray for valerian and what it does for sore muscles!

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