Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm hot blooded, I have no choice

The temperature hit 106 F. yesterday, and today is supposed to be the hottest day this week.

Incidentally, that would be over 41 C. The house is currently at 73 degrees (22.8 C) and will stay reasonably cool until around 4:00pm. Then we'll swelter until the sun goes down.

The first summer I lived in California, we had a July that kept rocketing up to 112 degrees. I remember marveling at the heat, and how it really wasn't nearly as bad as hot weather in Pennsylvania, where the humidity makes you feel like you're dying if the temps go above 90. However, that first summer, I also remember it getting chilly at night, down in the 60's. This time around we haven't got that kind of cooperation from the weather.

The heat makes it hard to work on editing my current project. The novel Time Traveler is a nasty, angsty story anyway, and working with the manuscript while sweat rolls down one's back is just plain old irritating, and a lot less fun than wallowing in the swimming pool with a throwaway paperback. Nevertheless, I have my cover design done, the interior graphics ready to insert, I've done all the formatting I need, and now it's just a line-by-line edit, correcting spacing errors and messing with a few words here and there. Bleah.

Did I mention that I wanted to have it available for sale by Monday? That means an awful lot of work this weekend.

Did I mention that our air conditioner decided to die in the wee hours of the morning two days ago and no one is available to look at the monster until Monday? That means I either work through the heat or change the deadline. I'm working.

The first chapter of Time Traveler will appear in The Piker Press on Monday, too. At least that's good to go.

A deep bow to Kris, for prodding me to get back to blogging.


Kris said...

I consider you lucky. Extremely lucky. You atleast have a season where it gets hot.

Here, the seasons are : Its always frigging hot! Hot Hotter Hottest and if we're reely unlucky, Hotter than the Hottest! Well if buring ass in hell isn't good enough. It gets humid like hell through the year too. So you'd end up sticky and sweaty without lifting a finger.

Anyway thats a peep of the weather from here. Trust me. Noone enjoys it. Not even the occasional turists.

Besides the weather and things, glad to have you back posting. **Bows back deeply in acknowledgement**

Cheryl said...

Keep at it, Ase. The heck with Harry Potter - I've been holding off on placing an order at Lulu until I can get TT, along with everything else on my (rapidly growing) list.

I hope your AC is fixed soon, though.

Aser said...

Thanks, Kris and Cheryl. We had a bit of a breeze today and only hit 105; and I'm halfway -- more than halfway through TT. Time for a wallow in the pool and an evening resting my once-again monitor-strained eyeballs.

Kathy said...

I can't wait 'til Monday!