Thursday, July 21, 2005

Feels so good

By 11 am I had all I could stand.

My car-full of recyclables was sorted into the proper bins: paper, aluminum, glass, plastic. It was already in the 90's (35 C or so) and sweat was trickling down the back of my neck from standing in the sun. What a disgusting feeling.

As fortune would have it, there is a beauty salon across the street from the recyclers. I walked in and asked how long I would have to wait to get a haircut. The lovely ladies ushered me right to a chair and asked what style I would like. I pointed to a short men's haircut and said, "Just like that."

Of course she thought I was crazy, and asked me several times if I reeeeaaallly wanted it that short, but in the end she complied, and now my hair is not quite all shaved off, but only about half an inch long on the sides and back.

Mmmm. Such a pleasant difference in comfort. I didn't even get cranky when I harvested tomatoes in the afternoon.


Kris said...

And here I am trying to 'grow' mine...
I'm just not giving up this time!


terri said...

Sand! You've had it all shorn off again!

Picture, please, of your latest follicular incarnation.

Can't say I blame you for going for the chop I'm still struggling to get my poor shorn locks to chin-length and have to resist the temptation to walk into every hairdresser's I pass.

Aser said...

Well, Terri, not all, but most of it, yes. I'll see if I can upload a pic of chubby me to the blog.