Saturday, July 02, 2011

Delicious Kitchen

 Absolutely I love how this is looking.

The granite counter tops were installed yesterday. I chose a dark granite, nearly black, because the white and black combos are echoed throughout the kitchen. The stove is white with a black ceramic top; the dishwasher and the fridge are black; the walls and the marble tiles of the fireplace are white. The luscious white overmount Kohler sink sits upon the dark stone like a gem.

 The construction that will hide the plumbing will be white, matching the walls, also.

Not apparent in these photos is the area right under the counter top where the granite sits on the plywood, but in a week or so, there will be a band of trim stained the same color as I used on my now-hidden plywood. It's going to provide a range of color that will simply kick butt with the slate tile floor later this year.

There's a strangely different "feel" to the granite compared to the tile ... call me a half-crazed hedge shaman,  I don't care, but it's like you can sense the naturalness of the rock (and it was also obvious with the homely plywood we made do with) compared to the white ceramic tile.

Raggedy plywood, stained and polyurethaned over tile, yes, yes. But the granite is better ... I'm still not over the yearning to just stay in the kitchen and polish it all over and over again.

So far, so good.

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Wendy said...

It looks fantastic, Sand!!