Saturday, July 02, 2011

Bored? Can I Schedule Time for That?

Recently I met a former co-worker in the hardware store in which I used to work.

She had come out of retirement, and re-applied at the hardware (at the minimum hiring wage) part-time. No benefits. "I got bored at home," she told me with a rueful twist to her mouth.

Bored. BORED? How the heck did she have the leisure to get BORED?

Amid my consternation at her answer, all I could mumble was, "I haven't got to that point yet."


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Lydia Manx said...

My mom always said, "You say you're bored - I'll find something for you to do" which meant weeding, cleaning or some other scullery maid sort of work. I doubt I will ever use that word. I completely understand!