Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brush Them Teefs!

If you have your veterinarian clean your dog's teeth, it requires a general anesthetic and about $300 or more.

However, if you buy a smoked ham bone, and let your dog chew it to bits, it cleans the dog's teeth to snowy whiteness for about $4.

Oddly enough, I opt for the $4 teeth cleaning, as the dog enjoys it far more than being dragged to the vet for shots and mauling.

In fact, the dog enjoys it so much he can't believe that he is in reality the recipient of such good fortune. Sebastian plainly felt that there had to be something innately immoral in the free gift of a smoked hambone. It's the legacy of his border collie daddy; a border collie has LAW graven on his heart, and that means juicy bones are probably people food and not to be eaten by dogs.

Sebastian spent the first twenty minutes with his prize asking, "If I touch this, are you going to beat me?" despite the fact that he has never been beaten for anything.

Howie, on the other hand, with not an ounce of border collie in him, made himself comfortable and promptly got his teeth cleaned. He's more of the opportunistic sort, possibly a second cousin several hundred times removed of hyenas.

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