Monday, June 12, 2006

Cheryl Made Me Look Like a Dunce

Cheryl gave me a whack this past week.

She wrote this poem, and it was sexy and strangely alluring, yet disturbing. I was reminded of long, long past boyfriends and of fictitious male characters in my books. We were chatting online, and after I'd complimented her on the poem, she asked me, "Did you know what it was about?"

Deer in the headlights moment.

What it was about? Uhh, wasn't it about some tall seductive person? Wasn't that obvious? Wait, Cheryl is never obvious! Crap! I missed something really important!

I called up the poem and re-read it. Sexxxay, as dear Josh would say, and quite readable ... still, it was obvious I was missing something.

Opting for the deer in the headlights reaction, I just basically said, "Hi! Is there somebody there?"


I was run over by Cheryl's tongue-in-cheek semi: The poem was about too-high-heeled shoes.

Me = Road Kill when it comes to analysis of writing, or parodies, or analogies, or whatever the hell people call them when what is written isn't really what it means.

Well, except when I do it, of course.

Stinking Cheryl. Just wait and see if I don't prod people to "Write Fiction Like Cheryl" for a contest again this summer.


Cheryl said...

It does sound a bit Augusta-ish, doesn't it? Whaddya know? Even my subtext has a hidden subtext.

A contest - yay! That would be one way to get some lighter stuff for summer. I don't do brooding.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with missing the topic???



Aser said...

Well, I haven't talked to Augusta in ages. She would have clued in on many levels, no doubt.

Write Fiction Like Cheryl -- yes, this year, informed by your poetry.

Cheryl said...

Write Fiction Like Cheryl's Poetry - there's a good theme for Innuendo August.