Tuesday, February 05, 2013


After three years of bare cement, this year we should be able to address the lack of cement floor covering, and this is a hint of what is to come.

We've chosen a porcelain tile with a color profile that ranges from gray to red, in 12-inch tiles and 6-inch tiles, and this pattern will predominate throughout. We bought these sample tiles today.

Bernie and I intend to do the installation ourselves -- the cost of hiring someone to put the tile down for us is insanely prohibitive for us, and frankly, I'm so sick of bare concrete that I'm willing to endure yet another learning experience if I can have a floor that doesn't have slab cracks and dings in it, and isn't cement gray throughout.

This tile is about as close to the colors of natural slate that we could find, and won't have the need-to-seal issues and the ohmigod-the-dogs'-toenails-are-scratching-it issues that natural slate would have.

A scary project, though. The layout of the tiles alone is going to be epic.


Cheryl said...

Different sized tiles, huh? That's more than I would want to tackle, but I know you two will research and discover the best installation tricks. It's beautiful, though.

Lydia Manx said...

I half wonder if there isn't a DIY page that you can preload the size of space and the variations of tile sizes and it automatically shift the pieces around....

If not...invest in tile cutter.

You two should get awards for the things you've conquered.