Thursday, March 08, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Laundry and Wash Day, with Treasure

Today's play with watercolor wash didn't happen until around 6:30 pm, as it was really chilly this morning, and then I was too busy for the prime hours after noon.

I can see this watercolor becoming a pic of a zombie attack on fleeing living people, a fog rising, strange buildings in the distance. Damn zombies.

I'll bet zombies are the ones who left a carload of recyclables that had to be taken to the city's recycle center. Just how long have those damn zombies been stockpiling bags of junk plastic on the side of the house, anyway?

Wait, I think that watercolor is a zombie attack on fish that can walk upright.

After the recycle run, I made a chuck roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn. Then there was the avalanche of laundry that mysteriously appeared in the laundry room. How many loads? Six?

The submissions for the Anniversary Month of the Piker Press are requiring time and effort, reading the many stories and replying to the authors. This is a good thing, but it's keeping me busy.

Studio time -- I had this idea for a painting (in watercolor!!!) but needed rubber cement for it, found that I had none, and when I surreptitiously checked out Alex and Lil's stock, found that they had none, either. So we headed off to Walgreens a couple blocks away, and on the way, saw a sign that said "FREE" beside a heap of frames and embroidery supplies.


We pulled over and loaded all of it into the hatch.

Maybe if I turn the watercolor upright again, it will look to me like a bunch of white mice looking upward as the Rat Gods descend.

We got the rubber cement, I used it in the artsy application I wanted, I played with a blue wash, and then worked on Press stuff until 9:30.

And all the while in the background, I was fuming because our local theater is running John Carter in 3D at all the early shows. Tomorrow, when it opens, the high is supposed to be 78 degrees, and that means I want a nosh and wine afternoon in the sun. Seeing the movie will have to wait until Sunday, when the temps are going to be much cooler.

Busy? Yeah. Life good? Ohhh, yeah.

Except for the 3D.


Cheryl said...

Caught you being imaginative! Heh.

I thought it looked like Gothic meercats in the Sottish mist, preparing to do battle with angelic prairie dogs.

Cheryl said...

And upside down, it looks like the Tornado Club attacking the planet Krypton.

Aser said...

I've decided that the title after it is done will be "Zombie Apocalypse in the Land of the Walking Fish People."