Saturday, March 17, 2012

Achoo, Said the Computer

There's a lot of pollen in the air, in spite of the blessed rain we've received this week. My neighbor's filthy, multiply-diseased ornamental pear (fireblight and mistletoe) reached its smelly (as in rotten meat smell) pinnacle of blossom just as the rains came in. God alone should be praised for that mercy.

Against my better judgment, I finally uploaded "updates" to my computers. The result? Can it be Better Performance? Can it be Greater Security? Oh noes, it turns out that now my laptop turns into a cyber-graveyard at random intervals, freezing up and shutting down non-normally.

We've tried "restoring" to a pre-updates day, but the problem persists. How I wish that I could reach the fool that wrote the program that has virtually destroyed my laptop. I'd probably go to jail, so perhaps it's a wish better not granted. This is not something I need, because I have no income, but I can't see any way around taking this laptop in to a shop and hoping they can fix the poor bugger.

Maybe it will work again after the heavy pollen season is over. That's just as possible as me suddenly finding the $$ in our checking account for a new laptop. At least I was able to save my documents -- all my novels -- to a thumb drive.

Damn Microsoft to CyberHell.


Bernie said...

The dirty code bastards!!!

Cheryl said...

T and Badger would say, "It's time to try Linux."

Aser said...

I don't think I have enough years left in my life to learn Linux while doing all the other things I have to do.

Or enough brain cells.