Friday, February 17, 2012

Cranky Friday

For a day in which I did little, it was a busy day.

To start the day, I went back to sleep after I woke up, hoping for a nice entertaining dream sequence. The after 6 am until 8 am dreams always seem to be vivid ones, but today was not the case. I dreamt that I was trying to fall asleep, which when it happens, is not only annoying but leaves me tired and cranky.

I fed the dogs and ate a meager breakfast of tomato juice and cottage cheese, preparing myself for the real breakfast of the day: popcorn and Coke. We drove out the road and got eggs, and then were pretty much ready to go see This Means War.

We watched the movie. The review will be on line Monday on the Piker Press, at which point I'll try to remember to link to it.

When we got home, Bernie opted to go to a local park with Alex, the dogs, and the girls (Mei-Mei, Elena, and Lil), while I stayed behind and worked on the cover image for Monday's Press. The picture on the left will be a small part of that illustration.

The Flickr Library of Congress and Smithsonian galleries are loaded with uncopyrighted material, and it was rather fun picking out pictures of people and messing with them in Photoshop. I say "rather" fun because no matter how much I promise myself that I'm going to play at artwork for no particular purpose, every piece of art I do is "for" something, and has no room for all-out disasters. And so until sundown, I worked.

I'm pleased with the finished illustration, and felt it was well worth the effort. 

Currently I'm still holed up in our room, because Lillian is watching some anime series on Netflix. Anime makes me want to heave, which I suppose makes me a kind of Philistine. I'd tell you how I really feel, but sometimes it is truly better for me to keep my mouth shut.

Tomorrow is more work on the Press, and church in the evening. Sunday is going to be for nuthin.'

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