Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day Without Wikipedia

Three things have been nagging at the back of my mind lately.

Yes, I'm active on the internet today, a veritable scab, since so many are boycotting the internet and/or blacking out some or all of their websites. I read some rhetoric today that said that SOPA and PIPA laws, if passed, would "kill" the internet.

"Kill" the internet.

A boycott was called to raise awareness of the issue.

While the acts in question are supposed to combat piracy of copyrighted works, the word "censorship" has been thrown about, for we all know, as freedom-loving Americans, that censorship is A BAD WORD.

Censorship, killing the internet, has been on my mind.

A comic strip, "Between Friends," (which I read in the Houston Chronicle daily) recently has one of the main characters singing the old Helen Reddy song, "I Am Woman" -- with modified lyrics, of course, for the entertainment value. But having the blasted song stick in my head made me remember the line"

"But I'm still an embryo
With a long long way to go"

That song has been on my mind.

And the third thing is the censorship of human beings. If the woman's movement really was an embryo, then the male chauvinist pigs would have had her aborted without a second thought, without any memory of her importance.

The internet doesn't have a heartbeat. An embryo does. Why not let the internet be killed, if a human being, whose only crime is "inconvenience" deserves a death sentence?

Ah, as a freedom-loving American, I should not suggest that if abortion is an okay thing, then every sexually active man and woman ought to watch a film of an actual abortion, to see that the "okay thing" is actually brutal and horrific.


My daughter is being encouraged to have a blood test done to determine whether or not the embryo she carries will have Down Syndrome. Why should she have to know that ahead of time?

Why, silly, so that she can abort the child, already named Jo, and never have to tenderly care for a person with special needs. Not quite perfect? Censor it. Forget it. It wasn't important, anyway.

Right to life is on my mind.

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