Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ten Lords A-Leaping

Chessboard Toads
Ever since I was a child, I wondered why you might have ten lords in one spot, and what would cause them to leap. Today, the tenth day of Christmas, I am no wiser.

Were they playing checkers? A lordly tournament? Was there a joust invaded by vermin, which caused them to dance about, hopping high into the air?

Were they at a conference, and disagreements escalated into fierce arguments, with lords leaping out of their chairs to throw pieces of mutton and chicken bones at each other?

Or were they like political candidates I read about, who cannot wait to leap into bed with the latest "politically correct" trend?

Wait! Maybe they weren't really lords at all, but only local tinpot dictators lording their power over people paid less than they, who, upon the visit of the district manager, had to leap to get disgruntled employees scheduled off so as not to appear the fat toads that they really were?

Or none of the above. I don't know. It was a nice day, and a productive tenth day of Christmas.

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Bernie said...

Perhaps it was a lovers' leap. Or perhaps even a typo, and the lords were weeping. Or sleeping or sweeping.