Friday, June 24, 2011

The Humble Man

My husband is the greatest.

Not only has he endured long, long hours in every job he had since we were married in 1975, and uncomplainingly underwent major cancer treatment at the end of that same year, and has never been mean to anyone in all the years that I've known him, but in his retirement, he has turned his intellect into $$$ saved for us.

He fixed three windows that were falling apart. I was sure that we'd have to replace them, but he took out their guts, got new working parts for a few dollars, and put them back together again.

He put extra shelving in my linen cabinet, one in our bedroom, and six in Lillian's bedroom corners.

He repaired the ice-maker in the fridge, without spending a dollar. Had we called a service-man, it would easily have cost us over $200.

He built five beautiful redwood raised planters for our front yard, and a masonry one for the avocado tree.

He repaired and renovated our wrought iron patio gate to the pool area.

He refinished a living room end table, and a dresser in the bedroom.

His work is beautiful, from the cute little wooden feet he made for my footstool project, to the once-again functional sink in the under-construction kitchen.

Last, but certainly not least, he figured out that our old router and the automatically-connected server hated each other's guts when Google tested its IPV6 junk a couple weeks ago, leaving us unable to use any search engines, or blog, or comment on other people's blogs. And then, because he is so clever, he figured out a way to fix it.

Maybe he wasn't completely humble on that last fix ... when his solution worked, he did let out a roar of triumphant laughter that sounded much like what you might hear from a super-villain who has just figured out how to conquer the world.

Here's to Bernie, my hero. Cheers!

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Cheryl said...

Can he shingle a roof? We would happily put you up, and take you to another lasagne joint.