Thursday, June 02, 2011


This morning my cell phone rang.

I answered it, and subsequently had a long, enjoyable conversation with my sister-in-law, the first since last summer.

This afternoon, I was the contact for the dude who showed up to give us the estimate for the countertops from Lowes. I talked to him and told him what we wanted for countertops (scrumptious granite, have I mentioned that before?) while Howie woofed and Sebastian panted, showing many teeth from outside the patio door.

Later, early in the evening, I called the good friend who had cared for my mother until she needed more intimate care. From the time my dad died, Lonz helped my mom manage her property, visited her, helped her -- she loved him as though he was her son, and the amazing thing to me was that she LET him help her, which she would never let me --or anyone else -- do. I called him because his mother died yesterday, and I wanted to let him know that he was still important to me, that I felt his loss as he had felt mine.

Then he handed the phone off to his wife, with whom I've been friends since seventh grade. Deb and I yakked for a long time, about chickens, gardens, family -- punctuated by laughter, Deb's trademark.

It was odd, being so vocally in touch with the world.

I'm exhausted.

Happy and pleased, but exhausted.

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