Thursday, May 19, 2011

Howie the Wowie

Yesterday the swelling on Howie's jaw was worse, so much so that we called the vet and asked if she wanted us to bring him in for an x-ray. The vet didn't get back to us until this morning, by which time the swelling had amazingly reduced, and Howie was able to almost get out a full yawn to say "Good morning." (He yawns and vocalizes, saying "Haaoww" -- almost certainly why the workers at Delta Humane Shelter named him "Howie.")

Today Bernie spoke with the vet (I was out exercising the horse) and they decided to have him in for an x-ray next Wednesday if the lump is still there. In the meantime, Howie is tolerating the anti-inflammatory pills and the antibiotics very well; indeed, he got the crazies and galloped all over the house, roaring and leaping like a maniac when we returned from an outing with friends this evening. We think that tomorrow, in all likelihood, we'll take him for a gentle run and let him blow off some of the nasties that being out of sorts brings.

The vet says that if he's still got the swelling, they'll do the x-ray, and if it is a tooth problem, they'll just go ahead and do it while he's knocked out. She doesn't think it is, though. We'll see. Howie let me run a gentle finger back to his last teeth on the other side of his mouth yesterday; I think a little bit of cheddar cheese training might convince him to allow me to feel the sore side of his mouth tomorrow afternoon. He was too ouchy to allow a full examination on Monday at the vet's.

Anita Zifer is a fantastic vet, btw. She has a confidence about her that envelops our dogs and puts them at ease. I was first impressed with her when she did an exam on Babe, our beloved German shepherd, handling him with care and delight, and referring to him as "my little man." She was firm and steady with him, and he knew that she respected him and meant him no harm. With Howie, who has a far more timid spirit, she was patient and nurturing and understanding. She even sat on the floor to do his exam, putting herself at his eye height. He growled at her a little when she looked in his ears and stuck a finger in his lips, but not so much. I was impressed at her bravery.

Currently Howie is pressed up against the bed, asleep, as Bernie is sprawled, asleep. Both of them look hugely comfortable, and so I think it is time for me to snug in as well.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the update. T and I were just talking about Howie at dinner last night. No, really. We were one of the "Lasagna of Des Moines" places, and our conversation just naturally turned to our friends.