Sunday, May 15, 2011

Howie Update

Today I had to search to find the lump site on Howie's jaw, so that's pretty good news, I think.

He's back to yawning widely, as well as stealing Sebastian's favorite stick and tearing it to bits. He also gave Sebastian a sound beating today, able to grab Sebastian by the neck or elbow and pretend to bite him savagely.

His energy level is terrific. Yesterday we took the dogs for a walk by the orchards, and to everyone's delight, the orchards were getting water. The sound of gushing water coming up from the great valves made the dogs crazy, and they splashed and ran from one irrigation inlet to the next, grinning as happy dogs ought.

Seeing how well Howie was able to crunch on Sebastian's stick today leads me to believe he doesn't really need to be eating canned food twice a day. Tomorrow, if all is still well, I'll begin the transition back to his own food, though I'll probably soak it to make it easy on him for a while. I think I'll keep on feeding him the extra meal at midday, though. We're heading into swimming season and he'll need the extra calories.


Cheryl said...

Fingers crossed!

Wendy said...

good news! you go, Howie boy!!! :)