Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Unusual Treat

I happened to wander into the kitchen while Alex was practicing music for the choir this evening.

She invited me to sing with her, which is a treat -- I don't sing nearly enough these days. Ignoring the croaky nature of my allergy-laden vocal cords, she encouraged me to sing a song that I've known for a long time, and then to learn a new one that she's fallen in love with.

It was fun, it was beautiful!

I'm task-driven, she's goal-oriented (which is not to say that she doesn't do tasks well, or that I don't achieve goals); she exults in new projects and skills, I prefer to do what I have proven I can do and get-offa-my-back-about-new-stuff.

But in a song, we have the same path, the same notes, the same goal. Our melody is the same, and the sweetness of the sound of our voices together reminds me of how I felt about her when I carried her with me before she was born, that sense of accord and harmony. Our notes are the same, and our voices strengthen each other's and make something bigger and more encompassing -- like the structure of this household, two families united to make a fortress against the insanity of the world.

I think that if we can sing more, singularly or together, all of us will begin to sprout new spring shoots and grow in the time to come.

Sing on!


Lydia Manx said...

Absolutely lovely. That made me smile.

My mom is not a singer. Period. No sinuses to blame just bad vocals. While younger brother and I used to sing in choirs and bands. We started a tradition at a local bar of singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve that carried on for decades.

I get goose bumps when I find someone I can harmonize with and we get singing and merging the notes.

Now does Lil sing?

Aser said...

Lil sings fairly well for a third-grader, and I think she'll hit her stride in the next six months with her voice.

Maybe we should make her sing for her supper...

Cheryl said...

La: I can make up harmony like nobody's business, just so you know. Let's all turn on the webcams and have a PP Choral Society.

Alexandra said...

Ha, the PP Chorus Line. Could be fun!

Tweetywill said...

I'll sing along, but no disco kicks for me thanks...