Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thirty-six Years with the Bee

Bernie left a very flattering post on his blog about me, about our thirty-six years together, and I blushed to read it, amazed at his high regard.

Yet I would counter his admiration with my own: what person I have been, that he admires, could not have existed without his constant love. Without him, I think I probably would have been a Bad Guy, because it was in him that I discovered what Love is about.

Love is not only patient and kind,
Love overlooks history and forgives.
Love accepts wild animals for what they are,
    and gives them grilled chicken.
Love looks with fascination on the loved one's activities,
    welcoming creativity.
Love eats early-marriage-food-mistakes, and asks for seconds.
Love holds and protects the loved from nightmares.
Love holds hands and shouts, "What the hell!" in the face of adversity.
Love cradles and nurtures the loved when the loved is physically battered.
Love laughs at the loved's jokes.
Love drags the loved by the hand and says, "Let's adventure!'
Love looks forward to every hour together.
Love's eyes sparkle when we plan our dawning day together.

I believe that in marriage, the couple should be able to see the Face of God in each other. Merciful, Loving, Infinite. I've found that in being Bernie's wife, and I thank God that He brought us together to save me from being so much less.


Cheryl said...

Nice poem, there. You've outdone "Jimmy the Rat." Again, happy anniversary!

Alexandra said...

You would have been an excellent Bad Guy, but you are an even better Good Guy Via Grace.

The love you and Dad have shown to each other has been a gift to past generations, a precious gem and steadfast rock in your own lives and a treasure of immeasurable worth to your descendants.

Thank you both for being open to the Grace that makes that kind of love possible, and for showing me how to live that way also. (And for showing Lillian, who in her own way is always taking notes.)

Thanks to God for your 36 years.