Monday, February 07, 2011

Stumbling Through the Super Bowl

Everyone knows that the Steelers lost.

How disappointing it was, and yet, I have to admit, Green Bay just plain old outplayed Pittsburgh. Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers looked just about flawless, and the Steelers' QB Ben "Trap 'Em in the Bathroom" Rothlisberger played like he was hung over or didn't sleep the night before.

I thought that Randle El was underutilized.


Packers' offense seemed to know how to keep Troy Polamalu  out of the picture, and I think that's what gave them the win. Probably every coach in the NFL will be studying this game to see how to neutralize Polamalu's stunning speed in the future.

We had a houseful of guests (which I always love) and none of them was cruel enough to gloat about Green Bay's victory. They all knew I'm a Steeler fan ... how could they not, when I was wearing a Steelers t-shirt?

Ah, next season ...

Maybe next season someone else will have an HDTV and we won't be the hosts. Lord, there was a lot of food left over.

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