Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Storm Before the Calm

 Amid swelling buds

a finch perches in the rain

waiting for his food

This poor lesser goldfinch looked absolutely miserable in the steady cold rain today. There was not enough food in the finch sock for more than two or three finches at a time, so they had to take turns. However, I bought a big bag of seed today, so tomorrow they can glut themselves.

At this point I suspect that the almond farmers with early-bearing trees are sweating it a bit. The bloom isn't FULL on yet, but we're not done with the rain for a few days, if the weather service is right.

On the other hand, the weather service is rarely right, so perhaps all will be fine.

And back on the first hand, the weather service was calling for snow flurries today, and though we didn't get any here on the floor of the Valley, the mountains to the west are white-topped, as we saw when the rain clouds finally lifted enough to disclose a horizon. In fact, the 10-day forecast places two days of snow showers right on top of the Ripon Almond Blossom Festival.

Hahahahahaha! Like that's gonna happen.

In the mean time, while the weather service predicts doom and gloom and ice crystals, this little creature visited our pool:

A Pacific tree frog! He is tiny, (about the size of my last thumb joint) and every time we'd try to sneak up on him to take a picture, he'd dive for the bottom of the pool. So I had to shoot from our bedroom window, and couldn't get a good close-up.

In spite of the cold and the rain, he knows it is Spring. We heard coyotes singing on Tuesday night; I'm longing to hear this little fellow joining the nightly chorus.

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