Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Spine, My Erstwhile Friend

Almond orchards are at the end of their blossom; nectarines and peaches are taking their final bows before scattering pink petals on the wind. The buds on my cherry tree are swelling and will open next week.

There are a lot of things I've had on my mind lately, rants about the lives of finches, about how to avoid unnecessary illness, about the malignant power of hatred and evil. But this evening I just keep thinking about the call from the doctor today, telling me I had to make an appointment with a new doctor who does neck surgery.

Apparently the cervical spine MRI I had last Friday showed some anomaly. The language used was some doctorese I didn't quite catch; I don't know if the space is between vertebrae or if the space is where the nerves exit the vertebra. All I understood clearly was "severe narrowing of the ... " and the admonition, "No, you may not go back to riding your horse until Dr. Le clears you for it."

That means I'm off the horse at least until the end of April. Lovely. Alex and Lil have said they will try to do some riding of the horse and keep him sane, which is nice to hear. He's too good a horse to let go sour.

I guess I was hoping to hear that I could exercise however I saw fit that didn't aggravate the pain in my arm and shoulder. Feeling grumpy, I could just about work myself up to a cry if I didn't know that would clog my sinuses and make me feel snot-headed as well.

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