Monday, March 02, 2009


I told our north-side neighbors that we'd be ready to replace the existing "fence" in March.

That was last fall, and sure enough, the evening of March 1st, the wind and rain pretty much took care of the decision. I have a call in to the marvelous company that did our back and southside fence for an estimate -- I expect to hear from him tomorrow, and hope to have a new fence within a week.

Both the neighbors and I wish we could put up a masonry wall between the properties; last year at this time, we might even have been able to swing it. But not now, not with times as uncertain as they are. Alas! I'll have to put up with my neighbor's obnoxious plumbago and perennial morning glory crawling through the cracks in the boards.

I guess there are worse fates.

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Bernie said...

You stay away from your neighbor's plumbago.

Ya wanna go blind?