Thursday, February 02, 2006

Perfect Spring Day

Aren't they cute?

Lillian curled up in a blanket while playing with her toys in the kitchen and fell soundly asleep last Saturday afternoon. Now and then Babe would lean forward and peek at her.

I think that was the last actually cold day we've had. The temperatures have been rising, and today we were near 70 degrees. I know it's a little early for such balmy weather, but not abnormally so. Last spring was chilly for so long, and last autumn chilly so early -- I'm not going to complain about a seemingly early spring.

The weather forecast sounds perfect for the almond blossom season. I hope they're right. We should have a couple weeks of warm, dry weather so the bees can get their fuzzy little butts to work pollinating the trees.

Today Lillian and I went to the store, driving past orchards where blossoms are just starting to pop, and the field where the geese were. Only one flock was hanging around (about 50 birds) but it was still impressive to see, and I was really glad that Lillian got a chance to see them.

Lil and I also went on a bike-riding foray to a little park around the block, where we played on the slide and merry-go-round for a while. I was served imaginary hot cocoa and we blew out imaginary candles on an imaginary birthday cake. She has discovered speed on her little bike with its training wheels, but is not all that sure about steering, and has not figured out brakes or the need to balance herself. She stops by dragging a foot or running into something, and she wrecked twice today speeding along, singing loudly, and leaning too far side to side to her own music.

After my babysitting stint was over, I collared my baboons and we went for a walk in the last of the afternoon sun. Babe was (unexpectedly) perfect on leash, walking at heel like a gentleman. Howie was fidgetty and kept wanting to walk in front. I think he's having dominance issues these days, which makes for tough times for a timid dog.

To cap off the glorious day, my books arrived from Lulu. The Aser Stories look gorgeous. Seeing them in book form makes them so fresh and new to me. I may have to just sit down and read them all again.

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