Saturday, April 02, 2005

Update and grump

Update time.

Well, some, at least.

Back to the Unfortunate Situation with Idiots ... In the lawsuit in which Mrs. Jane accused the priest Fr. Fred of inappropriately touching her daughter (during a tickling fight which her daughters initiated) and the pastor, Fr. Jack of not doing enough about the alleged mis-touching. The jury aquitted Fr. Fred of any wrongdoing. (Let's send Fr. Fred to an Increased Awareness Class and hire a lawyer for him to sue Mrs. Jane for mental cruelty.) In the course of the trial, it was revealed by witnesses that Mrs. Jane was indeed trying (with no luck) to jump Fr. Jack's bones and was upset about her failure. However, the jury concluded that Fr. Jack didn't handle the situation as he should have (and I would concur) and awarded the traumatized girl something like $20,000. She should put it in a savings account for the therapy she is going to need in the future because of having to live with Mrs. Jane.

The Pope is dead. For many, this means merely the loss from the world of a charismatic religious leader who was clever at learning languages. He was the most-traveled Pope; he had the 3rd longest reign as Pope; he was possibly the most athletic Pope since Peter the Fisherman. For Catholic believers, the election of his successor is a matter for fervent prayer; in a time assaulted by abortion, by destruction of deliberately induced human embryos for stem cell experimentation, by euthanasia, by unlawful acts of war, by the unveiling of sexual predation by clergy, by the unwillingness to accept the consequences of wrongdoing whether in everyday life or corporate leadership -- good God, what will John Paul II's successor be able to do? The Catholic believers will have to rely on outmoded sources, such as prayer, and hope, and trusting in the will of God, a most unpopular course of action these days.

I've irritated myself enough tonight.

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