Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Giddy April

The forums for The Piker Press were getting really too serious and boring, so I decided to post all my replies and comments in rhyme -- to kind of break things up a bit and also to tease Cheryl, who is our Poetry Editor. I don't think the idea went over too well, to be honest. People seem to be intimidated or annoyed by sentences that rhyme, Poetry Month or no.

Or maybe it is by people who talk in rhymes. I suppose that if I wanted to seriously discuss my hemorrhoids or ingrown toenails, I would get pissed if my listener blurted, "Your poor old ass, you sorry lass" or "No one ever said your feet don't look dead."

But on the other hand, it is April, and I think we ought to be hopping and kicking up our heels like lambs in a warm and sunny pasture. Spring is time to PLAY, and that goes for adults as well as kids. When we stop playing, we stop exercising those nerve synapses that need to be used. Certainly I can't leap about like my granddaughter does, but she's begun carting about the cheesiest successful poetry I know of -- Dr. Seuss. Those rhymes stink, but they're memorable!

It's one of the games that I can play, without worrying about what will happen to my joints.


Cheryl said...

What you talking about, Aser?
When it comes to rhyme, you're a pacer.

Aser said...

What, exactly, is a "pacer?"