Monday, October 05, 2015

Sleep-over in Las Vegas

The house we lived in on Cooper Drive back in 1997 had three petite bedrooms, two tiny baths, a galley kitchen, and a living room. It was only about 200 square feet bigger than this hotel room. The "living room" certainly isn't smaller than the place on Cooper, and the kitchen area isn't a whole lot smaller than the house on Cooper. The bedroom in this "suite" is bigger than the master bedroom on Cooper, and the bathroom off the bedroom is bigger than Alex's bedroom was back then. Oh, and Lil has a separate bathroom all to herself.

There's a sliding door off the living room in this suite that looks out over Las Vegas Airport and the mountains, giving me a perfect view of the rain and storms coming through the area. On the 8th floor, I have no fear of mosquitoes or intruders, so the door is open to the cool evening air.

The main bath has a jacuzzi tub. While Lil and Bernie took to the streets of Las Vegas to sight-see, I opted to spend nearly an hour soaking in the tub, all the aches of travel leaving my body before turning on Monday Night Football. And while the Seahawks battle the Lions, my greatest vacation holiday wishes have come true: a thunderstorm is rolling in!

This is what I call entertainment.

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