Friday, July 31, 2015

The Dynamic Duo and the Tomatoes

There's quite a bit of satisfaction in picking 25 pounds of tomatoes from your front yard. So much so that you want to take a picture of them to remember what an abundant summer you've had.

The minute I picked up my camera, Joma came running in and plopped down beside the tomatoes -- is that what they call "photobombing?"

Oh, why not. A hammy three-year-old probably is more interesting than a bunch of tomatoes, anyway. And then of course her favorite accomplice had to throw himself onto the carpet nearby, to make sure nothing dastardly was going to happen to his baby ... or maybe to make sure he was going to get some action if she was up to mischief.

Eperis is about three months shy of two years old; he's beginning to develop some sense, but Joma doesn't encourage that. It's much more fun to tackle the grandparents' bed and burrow underneath the neatly-made covers with shrieks of laughter, making the dog bite the pillows. Then the dog slithers under the blankets and Joma pokes his nose to make him bite from underneath. And the game ain't over until all the blankets and pillows are on the floor.

It's good to see them playing together. I know down the years I'll look back at this picture and laugh about how many tomatoes I picked, but mostly what I'll remember is how much fun Joma had with her dog.

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