Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Haiku Thursday

Last week Cheryl and I were discussing writer's block. Both of us have been kind of silent lately as far as poetry and fiction go; writing has just not been happening. For me, some kind of writing seems to help me relax and rest well at night, so it's not just because of vanity that I want to get words on the screen again, it's about not enjoying nightmares.

What we decided was that a little bit of structure in our days could help unlock those creative brain waves. With alliteration filtering in, we chose One-Page Wednesdays, then Haiku Thursdays, Free Verse Fridays, and Sonnet Saturdays.

The One-Page Wednesday was just a page of rattling thoughts and jittery sentences, so I'm not going to humiliate myself by copying it here. The Haiku Thursday worked out better.

red oleander
blue sky, white sun, eighty-five
summer afternoon


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