Friday, August 12, 2011

Toad in Luxury

Before the sun hit the pool in the morning, this little chappie was on Lillian's pink inner tube floatie, surveying his resort.

Does he eat bugs off the surface of the pool? Are the mangled snail shells we find on the patio the remains of his escargot? Where does the toad reside during the hot summer days?

We don't know, and Toad is not disclosing.

Oh, Toad, remind me that floating on the surface of a cool pool is a worthy occupation.

You Toad, inspire me to find savor in humble foods.

Oh, Toad, your saggy and spotty skin are so beautiful. When I look in the mirror and see sags and spots, help me to remember that God thinks I'm beautiful, too.


Lydia Manx said...

Great picture Sand. I like the sharp colors and the toad in the center.

A delightful way to view one's domain!

Alexandra said...

Toad as totem.