Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010, Day Three

Woo hoo, the new year is here and just about settled in!

I don't take the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing seriously at all. I mean, it's still the Christmas season -- Christmas season lasts until at least January 6th and Epiphany. While stores already have their hearts and candies on the shelves for Valentine's Day, the Magi are ignored and relegated to boxes in attics, even though it was their sighting and understanding of the Christ Star that presaged the revelation of the Christ to the Gentile world.

Sorry, Magi. You get about as much attention as the Gospel of John. Too complicated, too much thought required.

So anyway, I don't do resolutions, by and large. I still want to keep trying to create something every day, but the hard part is not the creating, it's the posting.

I suppose that if there is anything I want to resolve this new year, it's to keep more in touch.

That'll be a major effort, but I suspect it will be a good one.

Happy New Year!

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