Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Bernie and I went to see the movie 2012 last weekend, a couple weeks or more after its debut, when we could get in on the $5 bargain that Kerasotes Theaters run.

That's what happens when you have impending financial squeeze times ahead of you. You stop seeing the stuff at full price when it comes out, and just wait for the cheap seats.

B and I have done a review over on the Piker Press, but I didn't really feel like I said quite enough about the film there.

The "chase scenes" were okay, only as long as you were able to ignore the premise that billions of people were dying all around them. In that respect, the movie was really callous; only a few people were allowed to understand what was going to happen to them; humankind was considered by the UberGovernment to be too damn worthless and stupid to be informed that they ought to prepare to meet their Maker.

That alone would have pissed me off, but the movie, as a whole (or as a 'hole') really stunk. It was BADLY acted, POORLY written, and paced to allow moviegoers lots and lots of time to get up and go to the bathroom and never miss a key point.

After we came home, I thought about the movie before I wrote my review, and came to the conclusion that if someone had picked up a semi-somnolent possum from the side of the road, and forced it to watch this movie, PETA would have been all over them for cruelty to animals and unethical treatment of living creatures.

Too bad PETA doesn't bother with people.

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