Friday, January 30, 2009

Kiss Me, I'm a Feeb

Thursday's visit to Dr. Jack ... didn't help.

He thought it would, but the pain increased into the evening, and hadn't eased this morning. I went back to him, and he broke my heart, telling me, "There's nothing more I can do -- you need to see your MD as soon as possible and find out what's going on in your neck."

I cried for a while, then went to my regular MD.  They were upbeat, gave me some short-term advice for pain management, and sent me straight to the hospital for x-rays. In a few days, I'll find out if there's an indication of a herniated disc or whatever.

In the mean time, I sit and wait, and mourn with my friend Wendy the passing of her magnificent German Shepherd Caribou.


Wendy said...

Oh Sand - I am so sorry your neck is causing you so much pain. I will be praying that the results of the tests are positive and there is an "easy fix." Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us re: the loss of Caribou. The outpouring of sympathy and prayers at this time has been so you know, the grief is almost unbearable at times. Knowing people are thinking of you makes it a little easier.

Lydia Manx said...

Hugs - gently - Sand. I know you have been in horrific pain and it's hard to escape that.