Saturday, December 20, 2008

Studio Fun

Look at all the colored pencils, arranged in color groups!

And see the lovely, lovely holder Bernie made for me this evening, so that I can array my pencils by color group and learn to use them more effectively.

He used a pencil-sized drill bit and then a counter-sink bit (to take the splinters off) over a grid he drew on a two by four end left over from the construction of our redwood fence.

When he was done with it, he took a rasp to it and removed every sharp edge, so that I would never scrape my hands on it. It's beeoootiful.

The buzzard that peers at my works in progress likes it, too.

When I saw this vulture in a store, marked down after Halloween, I could think of no reason whatsoever to NOT have a buzzard in my studio.

It's possible the buzzard is one of the reasons I love the new studio so much.


Terri-on-the-Wall said...

Hi Sand - great chatting with you today - thought it was about time I caught up with your blog. Your new coloured pencil holder is AMAZING! I have a shop-bought one in a similar style which was given to me (luckily for me, as I couldn't have afforded it otherwise)by a student in Japan who just happened to be working for Faber-Castell. It has pride of place in my living room... how wonderful to have a husband who can make something so lovely for you! I am, as we say over here, well impressed.Have fun arranging your pencils - I adore doing stuff like that! - and it's even more fun to do some artwork. Used to have a studio in Japan - it's a wonderful space to have. Enjoy!

Terri-on-the-Wall said...

PS Writer of inspiring books on Coloured Pencil is Bet Borgeson - I think her books are mostly out of print now, but you might be able to find them online second-hand via Amazon.

lots of love

Terri xxxx