Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Call it Purgatory, call it Karma, call it Hell

There's a special place, somewhere really nasty, where/when telesales marketers, spammers, and blog-spammers will all have to sit and feel for themselves, each and every person's disgust, dismay, and outrage at having been invaded by profiteers.

I didn't want to have to turn on the verification function on this blog to keep out the spam-bots, but I will now have to do so, as I've gotten a number of spamly "comments" in the past 2 minutes.

Sorry, folks.

I hope the spammers get scabies, lice, jock itch, and gout. All of them, all at once.


Kris said...

suggestive that you think spammers are males?

I should post soon!

Aser said...

I would never suggest such a thing. Scabies, lice, jock itch, and gout are equal opportunity infestations.