Sunday, June 19, 2005

Batman at Last!

I always thought Batman was a kind of dumb effort at a comic book superhero.

I grew up with Superman as my main DC Comics hero, perhaps with Aquaman second because of the lovely Mera he encountered, with her gorgeous long red hair. Batman rather bored me, largely due to Robin and his shaven bare legs -- an adolescent boy sidekick? Puh-leeze, I shared the same town with adolescent boys and I knew that they were not into crime-fighting, not a one of them. Too unrealistic. So to speak.

So I really didn't want to go see yet another Batman movie. I had no idea why anyone would want to make another Batman movie. Michael Keaton reinvented Batman after Adam West's horrible assassination of the role (regardless of what you West fans think), but then ick, Val Kilmer et al as Batman ... They shoot horses, don't they? Have they been put down yet?

Well, I went to see Batman Begins only as a favor to my beloved spouse, who chose the movie as his Fathers' Day treat.

And loved it. Finally there was a point to the bat costume, finally a reason Batman was supposed to be so formidable, finally an understanding why buzillionaire Bruce Wayne decided to assume an alter ego called Batman. And the butler, Alfred. Well, hell, if we had known 50 years ago that Alfred was like Michael Caine, what heights of glory might Batman have attained?

Super movie. I want to go see it again tomorrow.

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